Hisila Yami’s new book

Nepal’s Maoist revolution from the inside

More details about hisila's school life at IIT Kanpur is available in : 
The Award winning film called "Daughter of Nepal" can now can be purchased for $5.99 USD
This film is on Hisila's daughter.
Hisila's  father Dharma Ratna Yami
Hisila's mother Heera Devi Yami
Hisila's sister Timila Yami
Book available in
contact number +977 9808855990
Tenzing at Jawalakhel patan
and also in Mandala, Pilgrims, Education book house, Ekta, Vajra books, Nepal book depot, Tibet books and https://www.amazon.in/Hisila-Revolutionary.../dp/014342789X