Women empowerment and Environment protection , Bicycle rally, Kathmandu

Speech by Chairperson, WARN

A bicycle rally was organized in Kathmandu today with the aim of supporting women empowerment and creating an environmental awareness. Organized jointly by the Population, Women and Environmental Development Organization and Women's Access Research Center Nepal with assistances from the “Support for Development”, New Zealand the rally that started from Basantapur went through New Road, Ratnapark, Bhrikutimandap, Singha Durbar, Bhadrakali and Shanti Batika before concluding in Basantapur. The participants including political leader Hisila Yami and people from, various walks of life carried banners and placards reading messages relating to environmental awareness and women's empowerment. The rally aimed to increase women's participation and participation of both women and men to conserve environment and carry out development activities. Women have suffered through the decades because they didn’t have any rights. In Nepal, women’s empowerment is still lagging. My mother led protest rally risking all the danger regarding women empowerment more than eight years ago and passed through this road Women and girls were forbidden to appear in the streets then. She was arrested with the child in the lap and locked up in jail.  

More awareness that needs to be created for all the women to understand their true potential. We enjoyed the wonderful rally heartily and I hope that many more friends have also learned many valuable lessons.Women in the Nepal has long being facing  a range of barriers to their economic activities, whether they are formal sector workers, owners of small and medium enterprises, or micro entrepreneurs in the informal sector. With the rise of the digital economy, women have new opportunities at work and in business, but with these new opportunities come additional challenges. Women need access to training and reskilling to prepare for new opportunities. Digital technology is creating new opportunities for accessing finance through new channels and from new sources, but women face several barriers to acquiring the financial services they need. Additionally, as financial services are increasingly made available through ICTs, women will need valid forms of identification to access these. These services however need to be better tailored to women entrepreneurs’ needs and circumstances. All women will need digital literacy to engage with the digital economy. This is particularly salient as cyber safety and privacy are becoming increasingly important. Women entrepreneurs will continue to need traditional business development support, including access to markets and  poorly regulated networks, and an enabling environment to help their businesses thrive.