Swatantra Senani Heera Devi Yami

Swatantra Senani Heera devi 


Heera Devi Yami is not only known as a wife of Dharma Ratna Yami she is popularly also known as the great dedicated brave women leader  of the nation. She was born in B. S. 1977. Her father was Heera Kaji Kansakar and mother Heera Maya Kansakar. Those days family from Bhansachhen used to be famous as popular business leader in Nepal.  People who travelled to Lhasa(Tibet) and Heera Devi was a daughter from that house. They had business centre and were financially sound and famous within UDAYA community.

Her mother died when Heera Devi was only seven years old. Because a step mother was brought right after 45 days of death of her mother she suffered a lot. The  surgery of tuberculosis glands that appeared around neck and spread in chest area could not be cured. The open wounds could not be closed. Because of this disease gave Heera Devi unbearable pain for nine ten years.  Her brother  tried all means to cure this disease however could not succeed. She went to study under jagat lal master who was a neighbor of that family. She struggled hard to undergo this education and became thinner. She was smelling  around T B glands around  her body and didn’t look that she would recover. Dhana kaji was invited at Calcutta by  business merchant Bhaju Ratna and took she took this sister along with him. Doctors told her that because most of the skins have been torn they didn’t see andy chance of curing this disease. Then she was taken to Kalingpond , massaged with medicine in scorching sun and within one and half year she got cured from this disease. Because she got opportunity to be in foreign land she was totally transformed. For suffers she gave all her heart solving their problem. Before she got married to Dharma Ratna he had told her not to get married to him because he didn’t posses and property, engaged in risky political movement, and a bad man on top of all these. She happened to have replied like this “ had you been a very bad person you wouldn’t have been engaged like this whole heartedly and I don’t have any hesitation on such issues. They both committed themselves to fight till the end to oust Rana regime together and struggle together to bring democracy in the country. In a traditional society where marriages are decided without letting girl to see the face of the future bride groom, this shows how very mature and determined Heera devi was in analyzing the activities and belief system of Dharma Ratna and finalizing all by herself regarding choosing life partner.

Lot of politicians have published about the Heera Devi’s talent, bravery and her unique skill of handling strategies in a very doable practical way. Communist leader Tulsi Lal Amatya recall her contribution while they all were struggling to  bring the success of the year B. S. 2007.

“ While Yamiji was underground in India, There was only small children and Heera Devi in that house. I got opportunity to understand Heera Devi well in that house. I observed  her as a very dedicated courageous and dedicated personality who would risk life to any extent  to fight for the cause of democracy. She already was facing very bad financial crisis and on top of that she had additional burden of feeding me also. Those days to stay  underground in hiding place it used to be highly risky thing to face. Normally there used to be no toilet and people had to go to open public toilet. If some houses have toilet it will be in the field . people had to wash face, clean mouth, brush and  use the same pot (KOPRA) for passing urine and stool. Cleaning that pot and disposing all that secretly in river  used to be highly risky thing that time. Such work only a mother would do for the children. I observed her as a selfless and courageous divine personality while she was serving the duty of such work which only mother would do for children. She had such strong determination towards struggling to any extent for the cause of democracy in the country she could do all this risking all possible terrorizing activities and danger of Ran regime then”.


Similarly the democracy leader Ganishman Singh wrote on the contribution of Heera Devi  

“In B.S. 204 there was a big protest. In that there is big contribution from Puspa Lal and Sambhu ram also . Public were under big suppression and large numbers of activists were arrested. They were hunting for me too however I escaped and in this escape the credit goes more towards Heera Devi than dharma ratna. Later in B. S. 2006 in order to create Sasastra Sangh, we entered Nepal and we had to hide friends then. Heera Devi contributed a lot during that time in keeping all those people safely in hide outs. That time she had a big role in creating protest groups to create Mahila  Sagathan. To small children she used to leave behind hand full of beaten rice (Chiura) and keeping vessal (Kopara)for toilet in a corner she used to lock the room and move out. Around 10 11 am when she returned  she used to find children  already sleeping. One day I reached their house. Seeing the condition of the house the wife wept bitterly, looking at the wife the husband also wept. They could not ask me to enter the room and also ask me to leave. That used to be the condition of their house.”


Along with dharma Ratna Yami along with property confiscated together shaved head and carrying baby pig in the shoulder making him walk around the city , sentenced for life long jail term known as living martyr  Ram Hari Sharma  described the wife of Dharma Ratna  Heera Devi as “ politically very active, very hardworking and effectively functional activist. The movement before B.S. 2007 her contribution is huge and praise worthy. She was the one who gave whole hearted support”.


Those days the  society used to believe and say that if  any female learns to read and write she will become whore. It was a trend then of the people used to receive awards and get promoted who managed to steal and handover beautiful daughters to Ranas. The trend used to be people enjoying the enjoying the power over practice of threatening the society whoever exercises power over the sexual assault  of women and demonstrating the power. During such dangerous time women against rulers women led protest. ??in the year B.S. 2004 ashadh month Padma Samsher took advice from Indian government and hired an scientific advisor. Advisor Shree Gupta arrived along with his team. In a commitment to bring democracy in Nepal and after preparing a new constitution draft that representative team left Nepal. In the case of reforming the constitution Mohan Shamshere  started protesting agaist Khabar Samshere. Because of that for offering employment for their own people election was held to make the decision institutional. In that election women were barred from casting vote in the election. Because of that a committee led by Kamakchhi Devi   from under ground Mahila Sanghthan called Mahila adhi karini committee was formed . A group of women consisting of Shree Maya, Champa Gurmaju, Heera Devi Yami, Mangala Devi, Sadhana Devi went and handed over letter to Padma Smasher  demanding equal rights for women.

Heera devi also actively participated in a protest procession led by Shree Maya. Heera devi never would abscond from any meeting. During meeting she would always be carrying a baby. In B.S. year Ashadh month at the creating of Mahila Sanghathan at Mmhayepi Heera Devi also the executive member.

Those days society used to take the Mahila Sangh as a centre for whores. People used to spit at members of Mahila Sangh. People used to throw water from windows and used to throw abuses. They used to say that who so ever joins Mahila Sagn are not good people and people should be discouraged integrating with them.  If the society then was like that on the other side in the government policy these woment used to be taken as dust in the eye. They used to be taken as enemies. Tolerating all these challenges Heera Devi and associates never gave up the struggle for woman’s right. At Maru Sataha, Ye Kutui  under the coordination of  Heera Devi Yami independence day of India, freedom from British rule was celebrated on B.S. 2004  Shrawan 31st (15th august 1947) . People were arrested including Dharma Ratna Yami, Heera Devi and his brother Sangha Ratna. Heera Devi was released after several days on bail because of her breast fed child with her. Dharma Ratna was released after six on bail.

While Ranas were arresting people in Nepal in the valley because of the protests , however so called leaders who wanted to  overthrow Rana regime where fighting among themselves on the issue of leader of the party and they had conflicts on nationality  issues too. Because of this conflict there was commotion among people of Nepal who were protesting.


There happened to be three groups in congress party conflicts taking place in India who were supposed to be fighting for overthrowing Rana regime. ??????? Mahendra Bikram shah was in a leading leadership role. B.P. Koirala was leading the group of  Nepali activists settled in India who wanted to over throw Ranas. Dilli Raman Regmi was playing a leadership role in leading among the people who were influenced by the four martyres and who had faced jail terms and were for the cause of nationalist movement.

After Dharma Ratna Yami was released from jail, he formed temporary committee called Praja Panchayet secretly to unite three leader M B Shah, B.P. Koirala and Dilli Raman Regmi to fight for over throwing Rana regime under the leadership of Gopal Prasad Rimal were Krishna Prasad Rimal, Surya Bahdur Bhardwaj, Dharma Ratna Yami, Tulsi Lal Amatya, Nara Bahadur Karmacharya, Devendra Lal Shrestha, Tribhubar Singh Pradhan, Vijaya Bahadur Malla, Chandra Shekhar Aajad and Laxmi Bhakta Shrestha.. Gopal Prasad Rimal and Dharma Ratna had played a key role in functioning of the committee. Leaders including Dharma Ratna Yami went to India to sort out the conflict between leaders of settled in India. However they failed to resolve the conflict.

 The formal  inauguration of the opening of Praja Panchayet took place on 26th B.S. 2005 in the month of Aswin. (26th October 1947.) on the day of Vijaya Dashami at Bhugol Park new road. Heera Devi opened the ceremony by putting Tika on the foreheads of all the attendees of the ceremony and handed over to all Naali Swan under the coordination of Tribhbar man Singh Pradhan.  However no one was arrested. The news of the program was printed in Indian news paper by all three groups of congress party. M.B Shah and Regmi published as per actual event. However Koirala chief printed the other way round. The news coverage said that this new party is the wing of his party and objectives are same and he spread the news every where. He went around telling every one that this had to be done indirectly like that because of restrictions on congress party in the country because of this PM Mohan Smasher brought out an official notice on banning formation of political party including ban on political activities including public functions.

They went to complain about official  notice of Mohan Samshere is against the constitution of Padma Samshere. They made decision to bring out protest program when they were informed the the contents of the notice prevails. According to program they decided to launch cultural program. B P Koirala arrived in Kathmandu why do you use the strength of such useless Padma constitution. We are launching nation wide protest program. He told every one to join hands in that movement. People from Praja Panchyet said if we don’t act now we will be like cat taking away mouse. You all continue protesting. He clarified that his objective is to merge whoever protests. Still the talk  with B. P. . group failed. The protest program went on as planned. Dharma Ratna carried protest program through paper work from under ground. The program was scheduled for carrying on for six months however within a month more than hundreds of  numbers of protesters were arrested. B P Koirala went and convinced each  and every members to stop this protest  because it is futile to operate like this. He told them that he will be launching protest program as soon as he reaches Patna. He brought conflict between leaders and the members of the party and the protest was diluted and ended.

B P at one end was putting pressure on Praja Panchyet people to stop launching protest program. Or he was telling others these people are supporting Ranas and hence do not support them. B P was spreading news like this . On the other hand staying in India Ganesh Man Singh is spreading the news that whatever Praja Pachayet team is doing is under our direction. They were proudly publishing the news saying that their leaders are launching protest program staying in Kathmandu. At last the discouraged b p was arrested with Gauri Bhakta Pradhan and Tri Ratna Tuladhar while they were having Momo at Tri Ratna Tuladhar’s residence.

Because of hiding B P Koirala Triratna’s property was confesticated. Because of this incidence people got too scared of hiding Dharma Ratna and other member.  People were arrested as per the report of CIDs. Government announced that any one found hiding congress party member will face the same consequences as it happened to Tri Ratna. Because of this incidence it even became more difficult for members of Praja Panchayet to eat and for safe shelter. Surya Bahadur, Nutan Thapalia, Bahadur and Laxmi Sahu were arrested from Yami’s residence. There was no choice left for Panchayet members except to vanish. Yami left for India through the road of Tika Bharab. Heera Devi was also arrested when her  new born baby was hardly a month old.

In India by deleting the words Rastriya and Praja Tantra from the two parties Praja Tantra congress and Rastriya congress a new party named nepali congress party was formed on 9th April 1950(27th Chaitra B. S.  2006). They started calling large numbers of people who were against rana regime gathered. Dilli Raman Regmi was not called according to party protocol and didn’t go there. Making people commit to fight against Rana regime 93 people with arms including  Ganesh Man Singh were sent to Kathmandu. Ganesh Man Singh sent letter to Dharma Ratna Yami and others who were in jail for supporting them. Informing Heera Devi also and  they started working towards starting a party.

Heera Devi used to disguise herself in farmer dress in disguise as if she was returning from farming duty in late evenings used to go and deliver secret papers. She used to reach all secret information to the people in hide outs. Then she used to burn those secret papers. This way Heera devi kept on helping Ganesh Man Singh and his people. However Sunder Raj Chalishe informed everything to Ranas and because of that large numbers of people got arrested. Every one had to run away to save life. Heeera Devi who was on Tarikh was also arrested. The secret informer was still locked up being a Brahmin however rest of the arrested were eaten up badly with blood bath injury. Ganesh Man Singh was arrested from  the Theria jungle and brought to Simha Darwar.

On 6th November 1950 (21st Kartik B. S. 2007) king Tribhuwan went to Indian embassy and later on 11th November 1950 (26th Kartik B. S. 2007) went to India in a special flight. On seventh  November Mohan Samshere declared a child Gyanendra as a new king. Regarding announcing democracy in Nepal discussion was going on at Delhi. At last on the invitation of Mohan Samasher an envoy arrived in Kathmandu from the foreign British department. Citizens came to know about it  a day before hand. Within over night preparations Lakhs of people went to protest in the airport. On third December the team arrived. People shouted protesting against rule of Britain (British Samrajyabad Murdabad slogan )(Angrej Janch ki Riha Hu) our king is tribhuvan only. Praja Tantra Jindabad. Rana Sahi Murdabad. Shouting slogans like this the mass surrounded Britishers and spited on their face. Without caring about life the mass broke the curfew rule and protested. Because of Janchakis?? Ranas couldn’t be informed.

Because Janchakis could not reach Ranas and hence Ranas could not submit the report stating  that people do not accept King Tribhuvan and citizens are happy with the role of Gyanendra and PM Mohan Samshere. In that protest the Paropakar founder and chairperson Daya Birsingh Kansakar  played a key role in bringing large crowd of people from his institution on street.  Similarly  under the leadership of Tirtha Narayan Manandhar, Kanchha Buddha Bajracharya members of swayembhu Gyanmala Bhajan also seriously took part in the revolution. Heera Devi led  the Mahila Sangathan members in huge protest similarly. If all these concerned stakeholders had not taken part in the revolution the down fall of Rana regime would not have happened in that time.


Before 18th febrawury . S. 2007 Yami family was going through deep financial crisis. The husband frequent used to be locked up in jail. She was the daughter of rich business man. However she was not permitted to enter her father’s house. During her delivery time she used to be admitted early in Bir hospital  by Sneha Lata and friends so that she didn’t starve before deliver.  In hospital the nursing staffs Heera Devi tried to transform hospital nursing staffs by making aware of social delivery and political awareness. After returning home from hospital she didn’t have nutritious food to eat. She used to go to butcher shop beg bones of buffalo for free of cost  in the pretext of feeding dogs in the house, make soup out of that and drink. After fermenting rice alchohol  THON  she used to eat remains  PAKa by sprinkling chlly and salt KAN KYA ( Kan soup after boiling.  Even after such suffering she used to be seen running to participate in processions with child  in her arms.  Every one found risky to let her enter residences feeling  scared of the punishment from the government. People also used to abuse her badly also,  because of starvation she went to borrow some rice and she was kicked out  along with  lot of abuses. Under such adverse condition both mother and the child fell ill very badly.

Because of poor financial condition around B.S. 2004, 2005. Heera Devi  went to teach at Buddhi Bikas  Madhyamik school carrying her small baby in back.  She even took children of the locality to make them educated.


Dharma Ratna Yami with personal preference of King Tribhuvan became food deputy minster in 30th Manghshir  in B.S.  2008  and  from  22nd Bhadra B.S. 2008 till 19th Srawan 2009 deputy forest minster and later was popularly called  ex minister however the financial situation remained grave in the house. He didn’t any source of income. They used to find difficulty in honoring the expensive spending on typical traditional rituals Heera Devi even had face situation to sell the golden medal Dharma Ratna  had received in his literary works, to run the house hold expenses.  They both never lost confidence in their lives while facing any life testing adversities. Their stood to the good morals even  during any kind of life testing grave situation. While his relation with Pandit Rahul Sanskrityan and Dr. Bhim Rawal Ambedkar brought intellectual and spiritual transformations. Then his wife Heera Devi help and getting support she could translate that strength into real practical life. They could  break the sky as FANGA  and struggle to any extent and could also   sacrifice and meditate (tyag tapasya) like an army faces any challenges in war front even it comes to starving starving and spending sleepless nights.

 During their time untouchability practices used to be in top height. Untouchables were banned from touching water tap. Upper class people never used to touch people from lower caste. In case lower cast people touch upper caste people the upper cast used to throw abuses. Upper class people had to take bath and go through rituals to purify called NISHI.  They were barred from entering academic institutions. During such social discrimination system they both used to openly go around the food prepared by them.  While those from lower caste used to get scared feeding both of them this couple used to laugh and ejoy the food cooked by lower caste. Both the couple were in fore front those advocating that such discrimination should be abolished. One should not be preaching only they both walked the talked by implementing at their own house. When he was a minster he proved this by employing a  pode (untouchable ) as a cook in the kitchen and who brings water from their tap. Even eating chicken  egg used to be stricktly banned in udaya samj (their community) they opened vchicken poultry farm openly on the fifth floor of they residence visible to the outside world. Because my wife had already performed the ritual of under going through “Barha” and “Ihi” inside her stomach for all six daughters and locking them in dark room for twelve days each is a stupid system and they actually perform those rituals. Kayeta Pooja was also not performed for the son as per usual compulsory practices. He never performed Nhikan (secretly whispering of Mantra and DEKHA Dumha Heera Devi too performed Nhikan early morning.

After B.S. 2007 after revolution ended Dharma Ratna Yami used to be busy from early hours in meeting lots of people, roam around and participate various public programs and seminars. The responsibility of looking after house hold matters and educating used to be fully taken by Heera Devi. Because he didn’t have to worry about running house hold matters he he was like a FAKIR he could reach any one and any places of his choice. He could lead totally free life. Because of such full support from Heera Devi Dharma Ratna could establish himself as a popular national figure. Because of inspirations from Heera Devi people succeeded in becoming Engineers, Medical doctors and teachers. Only after becoming minster only her own family from maternal side permited her to enter own parental house and  respected as their daughter. Even during her  poor health condition due to heart disease and acute Asthama, she never stopped running around attending people’s problems because of heavy exertions she passed away suffering from heart problem and acute Asthama on 26th magh, b.s. 2025. She was only 48 years old then Dharma Ratna faced biggest blow in life in her absence. That is why he often used to tell her six daughter saying

“ you all lost mother only, I lost suddenly all three together - lost mother, life partner and a wife”.

 Even if physically she is no longer available in front of all of us  however we all will never be able to forget the contributions she made in political transformation and social transformation. She happened to be a true role model for the nation and society who has to be worshiped as a real true goddess grand mother who even though being born in a wealthy family possessed all the power to face challenges with lot of dedication and with  lot of patience  risking  life for facing challenges and managing all  brave painful experiences.     

She happened to be a true army warrior worth remembering as true role model for  the nation and should be remembered as a true warrior even if she didn’t go with arms and ammunition in the war front.