Women activists and Inclusion

  1. Women activists and inclusion
Technology is now available to make governance system more functional, however, there is lack of investment in education sector in Nepal for generating true Human Capital. Human capital Acceleration in Nepal has become urgent for creating good ecosystem in the development of Nepal. This ecosystem can't take place unless we learn to analyze the historical evolution of resistance by the rulers in Human Capital Development in the past.
Are women activists of Nepal working on ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS of the problems?
Loyalty must not be a higher value than integrity; in fact, real integrity is loyalty. You want your doctor to tell you the truth, even if you don't want to hear it.
To lot of extent details of past - they're all relevant. For example people are brainwashed to read Swastani ( https://www.business-standard.com/.../nepal-s-swasthani... ) in which 70 year old man marries 7 year old child. How many children he must have raped? Isn't it a big crime to include such alarming message in such book for poisoning the minds of the youth of our society? After two days of fasting during Teez festival on the third day women around Rishi Panchami around five Rishis....??? Social workers who rehabilitated women of brothels of Bombay and rest of parts of India have data of women being sold.
We study the past to acquire a broader and richer understanding of our world today and our place in it. Past actions of earlier generations determine present and situation, and present actions of this generation determine future situation. Lot of historical details of India on issues like women are relevant in Nepalese context too.
Valuable information of past history is also easily available now on the smart mobiles. Covid Pandemic had accelerated the use of digital platform for better use. Women activist should also aggressively be demanding for improving the accessibility of information infrastructure for rural and urban poor who need the system even more for better information delivery. Wealth of knowledge should flow through smart mobiles specially to the vulnerable groups. Youth forces should be encouraged to become more innovative in creating contents (old is gold  contents of rich past experiences of senior citizens)  which will add value to the society. Creative visual content flow through digital infrastructure to mass can transform our society at faster pace. Functioning through digital platform empowers women provided the regulators bring out right affordable cost for the marginalized society. People have wrong notion about the use of these digital platforms specially for the youth and children. They fear for being unsafe safe interns of fake news and security reasons. Ladies and children who are more vulnerable to misuse of digital platform should also be made aware of these dangers involved in using these technological tools. Nepal government has to take input from cyber security experts and engage regulators driven by professionals. Women activists should get good back ground in this technically sensitive area and engage technically savvy youth forces to take up this matter seriously with the government.
Social media users should write comments raising Voice against Dowry system abuses together with different Human Right Activists who are engaged in Lunching Anti Dowry Campaign. In 1819 British rulers In India abolished Suddhi Karan ritual. According to that rule a new bride had to sleep with Brahmin for three days before she enters bride groom's residence in the name of Suddhikaran. Similarly there may be similar ill practices in other religions of the world too. Such malpractices are still prevalent in ignorant remote areas of India and Nepal.
In the past majority male members (Janajatis) from rural areas of Nepal were recruited in the first world war, second world via Indian army channel. Most of the helpless widows without family support used to be raped and sold in brothels through the secret channels of religious ritual networks. For example recruitment of Janajatis of Nepal in hyderabad.....etc
Comparative analysis Nepal and other developed nation:
During survey senior elderly citizens of Kathmandu valley narrated before AD 1950s even in the heart of Kathmandu women used to be heard screaming and crying of women and children after evening hours after darkness. Imagine what must have been the situation of Nepalese women in rural areas. Women activists of Nepal, where people collect "Daan" from innocent poor people in the name of 33 crore Devi Davatas, don't want to discuss about root cause analysis of rape cases and the historical development of exploitation on women as per doctrines based on different religion of the world . Cases like rape, abuses, academic dropout of girls have increased exponentially during Covid 19 pandemic period due to many reasons including security lapses. These women activists don't seem to have have detail information of the past rape cases that existed during their earlier generations. Some of those data are still available even now in the brains of senior elderly citizens of today and capturing such information and archiving them digitally has now become possible through smart mobiles of today. The senior elderly citizens of today are even ready to down load contents from their brain information about the bitter experiences of grand mothers and great great grand mothers including learning lessons. Why these women activists don't want to dig out such true real data available of the past through the channels of associations of senior citizens? If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past. This could be a big projects for women activists of today who can also engage young girls of colleges as interns to be more effective.
Family members spend money on Brahmins who extract money including valuables. These Brahmins also inject fear in the minds of innocent mass by reading Garuda Puran book ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garuda_Purana ) during 13 days of death rituals. Fear is weakness, it brings us down. Life is difficult for blind and ignorant people who follow such documents. Fear kills everything, our mind, our heart and our imagination. It is always borne out of ignorance and we all know ignorance breeds fear. People will of course deny it because they will never acknowledge they are ignorant. Ignorance breeds fear. Some Nepalese people live with mostly greed, hatred and ignorance. To calm the fear they create beliefs. Wrong beliefs create conflict. That's the bottom line. The root of all evil is greed. And look, the answer to a lot of life's biggest questions is found in the teachings on our learning lessons. Reading out such psychologically damaging books like Garuda Purana should be discouraged during the time when loved ones are going through tremendous stress due to the loss of the family member.
Young girls should take active part in revolutionary ideologies and transformation of society wiping out all fears from the minds of the innocent people, generated through the doctrines based on any unscientific religion from all part of the world. Youth forces should be encouraged to generate Visual tools in order to pass on value added historical information to current and future generations.
We have now technological empowerment tools that are available to us and we needs the trends of tomorrow to focus on. The exiting thing is that the movement of creative writing, generating creative stories and short movies have started. The revolution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  has already started making this movement easier.  We have energetic the curent generation youth  with us who beleive in science. They should be encouraged to emerge as Data scientists in order to contribute in such movements which should benefit not only Nepal but the ignorant masses of the world. These youth forces should be provided with trainings on creative writing, story telling, generating creative visuals in order to prepare them for leadership roles in this revolutionary ideologies. They should also be trained in creating digital archiving of such " old is gold" valuable materials.
Local historians including current elderly senior local citizens say that Human Capital, Social Capital, Cultural and Heritage Capital, Financial Capital ( because of silk trade rout of Asia) were high in Nepal before Brahmins entered in Nepal. They even destroyed old valuable heritage centers of Nepal and replaced them. The Human capital and social capital deteriorated after Malla rulers took over the regime.
All the valuable learning lessons of past history faded away then. It is very important to dig out details of the past history and analyze in order to understand the scenarios of current problems and work out strategies for the future generations.
I went through Youtube videos - No wonder Bhuddhist heritage centers ( true Intellectual Capital, Cultural Capital and Human Capital ) of Kathmandu were destroyed and replaced by Shiva Lingas. Historians of India narrate similar stories in India. Residences of Kathmandu talk about conservation of culture and heritage centers of the valley. Conservation of which culture and heritage centers ? Our beliefs affect our choices. Our choices shape our actions. Our actions determine our results. We need to do research on digging out historical records based on true very old archeological facts. The future we create depends upon the choices we make and the actions we take today.
Our innocent people were fooled and cheated throughout many generations by Brahmanbads and we are continuing to suffer even now and will continue to suffer in future too under them. Leaders of Nepal who are mostly descendants of older generations specially from the community whose ancestors came from greedy community who practiced looting general public by brainwashing these public engaging them into god fearing rituals in order to earn from such rituals. They are the type of people who practice honey effect and they are venom. They are the worst kind of people as per the survey done among senior citizens of Nepal. 
"भय,भाग्य र भगवान" - tools for fooling innocent mass in Nepal? The suppressed mass were brainwashed to believe in god fearing rituals instead of filling their brain with science and education in the past. Plenti of details of Human Capital  building of developed countries during earlier generations are available in in social media. Examples: https://youtu.be/mU0oOUTo5zo
Marie and Irène Curie in 1925: an extraordinary mother-daughter team of scientists. Marie received two Nobel Prizes: Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911; Irène( her daughter ) received a Nobel in Chemistry in 1935.
For generations Nepal continued to be ruled by imcomptent leaders and people are brain washed to accept them leaders of Nepal. Some elderly senior citizens said among such ruling community some few good ones also existed too, however, they got eliminated by evil leaders. Those evil ones who got victory over good ones and became more powerful. These evil ones were the ones who wrote history to suit their situation and ruled. The historical records of Nepal in book form have large %  fake information written. Such text books in the university should be rewritten. This is the comment received from vast majority of elderly citizens of Nepal and intellectuals as per the survey. Should new generation be allowed to continue reading such fake books? Shouldn't new generations tap some details of true historical records of genuine leaders of the past from elderly citizens before they faded away from this earth and maintain digital archives of records of sacrifices of such past honest leaders. They should record minute detail of  experiences of how much they suffered under the rule of evil leaders of the past. These evil people also made sure that true facts disappeared from the minds of people. There is a saying that " history is written by sword". People specially from rural areas are still allowing such crooks to rule over general public. Such society will continue to suffer and will continue to remain poor.
What was the situation of academic service delivery of Nepal during those days early A.D. 1800s and 1900s in Nepal while people of developed countries were busy with innovations in Science and Technology? Elderly senior citizens of these days of Nepal informed the accessing school education for general mass used to be risky even during early 1950s except few families. Some of the ladies said vast majority of them used to be punished for carrying pen, pencil and books openly on the road in even late A. D. 1940s and early 1950s. Who were the people who discouraged education for vast majority of Nepalese society for so many generations then ? Elderly citizens should be encouraged to pour their valuable rich experiences of the past, younger generations should be encouraged to capture stories about how they started getting motivated to transform, those kinds of stories which have contents that have so much value which served the whole person. New generations will love such stories. bringing all pieces together some one how they began to transform, how they looked at the whole life, what all made them motivated to do transformative work. it should be about why they did and how they did transform. It should be about a story which will keep current generation and future generation motivated every day to transform for better livelihood. Youth of today should extract, maintain, archive and share the learning lessons from experiences of senior elderly citizens for transfering learning lessons to current and future generations. The children and grand children should create he digital copy the details of such incidences from their grand parents and great grand parents before the contents of their brain fades away.
It used to be government rule to write "my body and my property is yours" at the end of any application one writes for seeling any public services meaning citizens have no right  if shot dead and property looted by the ruling government. No one dared to keep record of their past in writing. It used to be practice on every generation to maintain a behavior practice of keeping silent regarding any tragic endings of loss of life or property. Even now according to survey done senior citizens would share stories about their grand parents and great great grand parents with their siblings, however, they are still are reluctant  to speak out publicly regarding tragic ends of loved ones and loss of property. 
Example Heera Devi Yami (http://www.dharmaheera.com/all-stories ) used to hide children and teach before 1950. She used to get threatening calls for secretly teaching children. Even the parents of the children used to get troubled for secretly sending children to anyone's residences for learning. Jagat Lal master too used to face difficulties while teaching children secretly during earlier phase of his teaching career. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagat_Lal_Master ). There used to be rule that the guardian had to submit written application to the government for getting official permission if the child had to be educated. Public then used to be so terrorized that they dared not to step out of their residences to initiating such a process. This is the reason why vast majority of elderly citizens today are not educated. Youth of today should capture experiences of great grandparents and understand the situation of education of suppressed society of earlier generations. The policy used to be engaging the brains of suppressed society with unproductive god fearing rituals ( "भय,भाग्य र भगवान" ) so that ruling over ignorant mass was easier. They were also taught "भय,भाग्य र भगवान" through various scary stories so that public brains are filled with fear all the time instead of experiences of productive activities..
The community who designed this model of blocking education for general public knew that education is the most powerful weapon which can be used transforming society. They didn't want to loose their grip over this ignorant society and continued blocking the access to education. Those who discouraged citizens from accessing education were found mostly enjoying public tax payer's money to study Shastra in Banaras during those days.
There were good and honest leaders in the past who were " light and models of the society" and delivered true services in Nepal, however, their good performance records were wiped out by crooks who ruled this nation in the past.
Today very valuable information are available in YouTube( example of natural disaster responses, technology and solutions - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=apiLNO_6ZfU&feature=share etc
) however our very unfortunate youth and the rest from information access less areas of Nepal cannot take benefit from lectures of such world experts which are are available with click of button on mobile they are holding.
Siddharth Gautam ( Buddha) had introduced women empowerment practices in his community governance system. Only men had the right to be inside Intellectual Capital System good governance functioning structure during earlier times and he had introduced this new inclusive practice in order to develop women. There used to be no discrimination of people and people were well disciplined. The system was adopted in many countries which flourished economically too. The women leaders used to be Sujata, Amarpali, Vaishali, Patachali, Maya then etc
Budddha Darshanic Siddhant used to against Moorti Pooja. Later people were forced to transform and started practicing Buddha Murti Pooja. During 7th century when Brajrayans started they practiced Tantra, Mantra, Jadu, TunaMuna supposed to have been forced by Manu Smiriti Bhaidhik "Dark Energy" system practitioners called Brahmanbads. Manu Smriti described women being born from foot. Unfortunately women lost power under Manu Smriti System.
Late Dharma Ratna Yami  ( https://www.facebook.com/PoliticianDharmaRatnaYami/ ) and his wife 
were both big victim of Brahminbad too. His details https://www.timilayamithapa.com/blogs/view/61.html
Decision makers of Nepal were guided and dictated by community who led their lives through the promotion of the concept चैतन्यवादी विश्वदृष्टिकोण. यसले संसारको निर्माण र सञ्चालन अलौकिक र अदृष्य चेतनतत्वले गरेको विश्वास गर्छ । कर्मकाण्ड, रहस्यवाद, रुढीवाद, अन्धविश्वास, भाग्यवाद, पूर्वजन्म र पुनर्जन्म यसका विशेषता हुन् । They also used to get threatened by leaders who tried to promote women's agendas publickly.    
Dharma Ratna Yami used to publish materials openly demanding for reform in thinking of such ill pratices in the society. Senior citizens said in the survey done that decision maker from top who hated radical reformists and often eliminated him/her at Bir hospital which used to be common place for geting rid of of radical thinkers in the nation. While Yami was preparing for getting operated at Bir Hospital, his well wishers swarmed ino the cabin of the hospital begging him not the get operated in that hospital giving him past unfortunate cases of murders of political leaders and social reformers of Nepal. Ex-minister Nara Bahadur Gurung and his other close friends came forward several times begging him not the get operated. They and several other well wishers even offered him sponsorship for medical expenditures required in India or China. Before he took his last breadth and in his conscious stage he heard screeming in operation theater saying " Ranas attempted killing me several times during A.D. 1997 revolution and failed. Now these people are killing me by injecting me". After his death death most of the people made hue and cry about the negligence in the hospital. Several articles got published highlighting the foul play on his life.
One year later during wedding feast of Yami's son Vidhan,  a room filled with friends (political leaders of Nepal)  of Dharma Ratna Yami were found eating the dinner with total silence with tears rolling down on dinner plates they were holding. Ex- minister Mr. Nara Bahadur Gurung was specially seen crying bitterly.
Late Dharma Ratna Yami tried to promote women's right issue through his books like Sandeya Lisa (Reply from Tibet, Lhas Bochhe ), Lithu, Bhrikuti and several poems and lical newpapr, magazine on need of empowing women in the society. 
https://www.timilayamithapa.com/blogs/view/13.html?fbclid=IwAR0w6QAyyp7Si_OVNA-Xrb6NwyQEc-fmQSDTnX6ixIEC_IRTY-WIDkx8luQ https://www.facebook.com/DharmaRYami/?ref=pages_you_manage Rahuljee
https://www.facebook.com/192018361534393/posts/691609208241970/ Comment by
https://www.facebook.com/192018361534393/posts/662342177835340/ Buddha Darshan ko rup rekha
https://www.facebook.com/192018361534393/posts/469125860490307/ Dalit movement
https://www.facebook.com/192018361534393/posts/440634653339428/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nFyLGVt2GM
Practices of people who practice Brahmanbad
Sati Pratha
Dev Dasi system
Today, Sitavva Joddati of Karnataka helps former Devadasi find a foothold in mainstream society. In 1982 she was made a Devadasi at age seven. In 1997 she began the non-governmental organization MASS (Mahila Abhivrudhi-Samrakshana Sansthe) in the Belagavi district of Ghataprabha to help women like her escape the Devadasi system and live a life of dignity. Between 1997 and 2017 MASS helped over 4,800 Devadasis reintegrate into mainstream society. In 2018 she received the Padmashri award at age 43.
Breast tax
Ladies of Nepal spend time in reading books on religion which promotes rapes and domestic violence. Rapes are known take place inside temples. Ladies should be discouraged reading books like( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swasthani ) .
Law and order
Speechless society for many generations
What is the key message in this movie?
How many women activists communicate through the comments of social media? They walk around with smart mobiles filled with rich local and global information and it is, therefore, important they carry out lot of responsibility to improve the livelihood of the citizens.
Inclusion issue
This may apply to other religions too. Scholarship for deprived children could be an alternate way of spending on such unscientific rituals discouraging promotion of fears in the minds of innocent people.
Sudha Murthy and her effort to remove Suddhi Karan.
Anuradha Koirala
Kamala Bhasin
Do we Nepalese women activists speak like Kamalajee and powerful intellectual ladies like in following videos??
Late Dharma Ratna Yami published many articles and books highlighting above issues.
Kamala Hemchuri Durga Sob Durga Neupane Pabitra Timilsina
Our education ministry of Nepal doesn't focus on reviewing policies in order to deliver quality education for general public which has become very essential in order to produce better future generations. For example most of the ladies of Nepal don't understand the meaning conveyed through following Youtube video on dowry death. (https://www.worecnepal.org/camp/13). Most of the women who use Facebook In Nepal seem to be using this social media in order to display and impress people by displaying ornaments and dresses etc they are wearing and don't read about important incidents . If we study how ladies from other countries are using Facebook we find them writing brilliant posts and also see women engaged in passing on value delivery through comments too. The contents of Youtube and the comment sections also promotes good messages.
मंन्दिर होइन = स्कुल चाहियो
धर्म होइन = अधिकार चाहियो
मनुस्मृत होइन = संविधान चाहियो
भगवान होइन = बिज्ञान चाहियो
भासण होइन = रोजगार चाहियो
पुजिबाद होइन = समाजवाद चाहियो
धर्म तन्त्र होइन = लोकतन्त्र चाहियो
दलाली होइन = मजदुर चाहियो
असमानता होइन = समानता चाहियो
अनेकता होइन = एकता चाहियो
अन्याय होइन = न्याय चाहियो
भिख होइन = हक चाहियो
घिणा होइन = प्रेम चाहियो
गुलामी होइन = स्वतन्त्रता चाहियो
Hope readers  will also provide me  comment after going through following details of mine during  free time.