Story capturing

We all need encouragement and motivation. Everybody needs somebody to cheer them on, someone who sees the best in you. There were people putting others down in Nepal. Political leaders made sure that those the names of those people who fought for the nation were eliminated from the minds of the citizens. In Nepal geneuin leaders had always been the side tracked, eliminated and fake leaders were promoted mostly by regional influences.
People should unearth the evidence based stories of genuin leaders who had no resources to leave behind the details of their sacrifices in published form.
Current generation should understand that Nepal had good local leaders in the past, however, they unfortunately landed up in bad systems ruled by bad leaders who made sure that the sacrifices by these innocent locals faded away from the minds of the citizens. You have to water the flowers you want to grow by digging out evidence based history which was blacked out by fake leaders.
Fake leaders had all the resources in hand supported by media people and we see their fat books being sold on the foot paths of Nepal.
People need to be able to protest and speak up against injustice. In this world that is viewed as negativity.
The next generation youth of those families should create stories of such true genuin warriors of the past of this nation. People should be reading contexual scenario stories of past generation in order to plan for future generations. Therefore the stories of such ancestors shouldn't fade away. There were good genuine local leaders from the past, however, they unfortunately landed up in bad systems ruled by bad leaders who made sure that the sacrifices made by these innocent local leaders are blinded from the minds of the citizens. Straight forward and unselfish leaders and people are pushed sideways and their history and stories are censured so that nobody remembered them. We all should join hands in co creating their stories  highlighting their sacrifices. Their biographies should be included in the text  books of in local languages and national language  in school curriculum. This will be one of the best way to inform our new generation about great learning lessons of our great forefathers and mothers.
You have to water the flowers you want to grow.
Majority follow and believe in comforting lies. They don't want to follow the unpleasant truths.
Majority really don't want the truth. They just want constant reassursance that what they believe is the truth.
Your mind will believe whatever you feed it. How people's brains function one should listen and learn from the experts from the world through YouTube channel etc.
So feed Your mind with right information about so called leaders of Nepal.
Feed it with positive thoughts with right information about right leaders.
Feed your mind things that uplift, encourage, inspire and bring peace.
To win in our life journey we have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and knowledge, by learning the lessons that are acculated along the way and the learning lessons passed down by our ancestors. Lets create archieve of stories which will add value in our journey. We become each and every piece within the journey called life!
We can exploit technology to co-create stories which delivers rich value creating experiences. These stories can be capyured through channels via mediums like email, Facebook messengers, Whatsaap, Viber etc etc and can be archieved for future generations in order to learn from the past.