Dharma Ratna Yami - a Buddhist Scholar

Dharma Ratna Yami - a Buddhist Scholar



My father used to be a person who spent all his life preoccupied with deep desire of fighting for citizen rights specially fighting for the rights of disadvantaged groups.  Our house used to be a popular place for interactions among politicians, writers and social workers. My mother used to cope up despite facing lot constraints to handle the situation which I suppose must have been the typical cases with wives of dedicated persobalities who fights for the citizens  of the nation.


Among the visitors in our house  Pandit Rahul Sanskrityayan. (Rahul Sanskrityanyan  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGwZpCzmwcQ ) He had stayed in our house during couple of visits to Nepal. He had also  written biography about my father. The Facebook page of Dharma Ratna Yami provides the copy of the book which gives details of what Rahuljee wrote about my father.  Rahuljeee had traveled from India to Lhasa with my father and used to live there together.  My father was popularly known as a very poweful speaker in India and Nepal. He used to be invited as Chief Guest  in many programs of   Dr. Ambedkar  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv6aU-_9xQ0     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFaAzrayGSI  )   in India. During his visit to Nepal in 1956 A. D. Dr. Ambedkar too had stayed in our house. Our house is populary known as " YAMI CHHEN"  YAMI CHHEN . The Facebook page of Dharma Ratna Yami provides the copy of the book which gives details of what Dr. Ambedkar wrote about my father.





Stay at ‘ Yami House’ Kathmandu - our house

Even the world Buddhist Conference was a war zone for Dr. Ambedkar, who had earned fame by popularizing the term ‘Dalit’ as an identity of self-respect for the “untouchables”. He had agreed to participate in the Kathmandu conference at the request of his colleagues, as he was physically unwell. Even amid his illness, he had set off to travel to Nepal along with his doctor, Dr.Malvankar, who was taking care of him. He and his team flew from Patna for Kathmandu on 14 November 1956. Also in his group were his wife, Dr.Savita Ambedkar; M.B.Chitnis, Principal of Milind Mahavidyalaya in Aurangabad; and B.H. Varel. He needed company and assistance of others when descending from the airport by holding to other’s arms. His health did not improve at all during his stay in Kathmandu.

Accommodation for Dr. Ambedkar in Kathmandu was managed by M.Jyoti of Kolkata. M.Jyoti might be ManiharshaJyoti (Kansakar), the renowned merchant from Nepal, who used to trade from Kolkata at that time and was also a Buddhist activist. Dr. Ambedkar was lodged at “Yami house” where a practical battle was fought against caste hierarchy and untouchability. His stay in Bhurankhel at the house of Dharma RatnaYami( Tuladhar ) ( https://www.facebook.com/PoliticianDharmaRatnaYami/ ) and Hira Devi Yami (Tuladhar) https://www.facebook.com/HeeraDeviYami/ , who themselves were strong opponents of caste system and untouchability was historic. During Nepal visits, Rahul Sakrityayan used to stay in the house of Dharma Ratna Yami, who also was a fighter for democratic movement, a former deputy minister and a writer. Probably the two scholars stayed together. Dr. Ambedkar had brought some manuscripts for his editing work during his stay in Kathmandu. The manuscripts were related to his yet incomplete book and his articles. After writing the great book The Buddha and His Dhamma, he was working on Buddha and Marx and Revolution and Counterrevolution in Ancient India. His writing and editing continued amid the travel, stress, and illness. The ideas expressed at the Conference were a reflection of and postscript to these works.



My father's freinds told us  interesting story about visit of Dr. Ambedkar in 1956 in Kathmandu. One day in the month October 1956, there was a news broadcast In radio Nepal broadcast about the visit of the famous law writers of India and main architect of the Indian constitution, Babashaheb Dr. Ambedkar. During his visit, he had also planed to visit Pashupatinath temple. This news brought big earthquake among main conservative Bhattas of Pashupati Nath and Hindu communities of Nepal. Any influential personality of India was always warmly allowed inside the temple of Pashupati Nath. However everyone knew the fact that Dr. Ambedkar was a Chamar and this word is called Sarki (untouchable ) in Nepal. The talk of the town used to be  "How could a Hindu religious lord, THE POOJARIs,  allow Sarki to visit the temple premises?".

Buddhist Scociety of Bhaktapur, Nepal published a book on my father and they have written following : 


"Besides this political potential of Dharma Ratna Yami he had immense knowledge of Buddha and Buddhist religion and the proof is his book “ Bauddha Darshan ko roop rekha”. Before this book was published in the year B.S. 2019 ( A. D. 1962) , he travelled to Lukhnow, Varanashi, Sharnath,Calcutta, Gyantok(Sikkim) and went around reading various doctrines (granthas ) in Nepal and went through heavy debate sessions everywhere and only after 2 years and seven months he completed writing this book.



In his abstract highlighting the objective of the book about the greatness of Buddha and Buddhist religion as “ In new generation world history among so many Karmabir, Dharmabir, Warrior and Aaryabirs Gautam Buddha was “Aryatara”. His religion in todays world is relevant in term of peace of humanity while it was misused. Noone like political leaders, scientists,phylosophers can’t avoid in getting impressed with Buddha who succeeded in transforming Dharma Chakra as for the situation which is so lively ,very practical, So Mangalmaya ? , and so instilling inside the brain of humanity for peace of mind. etc etc 



The impact of his religion has not only influenced Asia but Europe, Africa ,USA etc. many many times for the peace and betterment of humanity. People for Bidwat class heart and brain will attract towards east then this Buddhas freed peaceful religion-people will be compelled to say. Like he was not only expert in politics but also in religion. "



My father had authored twenty five books. I want to get all his books translated in multiple languages. My father  traveled to Lukhnow, Varanashi, Sharnath, Calcutta, Gyantok(Sikkim), places in Nepal and went through  debate sessions everywhere before completing  one of his books named  " Buddha Darshan ko Roop Rekha "  and finally published it in A. D. 1962. The research scholars of Lumbini University in Nepal call this book as one of the  brilliant materials available highlighting the true clear perspective of philosophy of Buddhism. I am sure the organizers of those programs in above cities must have documented his speeches including media overages. I also wish to get connected with the people who were with my father  in those programs who also would be in position to allow us to have access to those materials. "



“Let politicians of past explain what they have done to keep the legacy of Dharma Ratna Yami alive when in power. Not a single book was republished. . His books were banned. The greatest injustice ever done to him when he was alive was by the ruling government.”

Similarly, Yami's becoming a minister in the first en trim government was not a smooth matter; he was not the choice of the Prime Minister Matrika P Koirala but has to be included as a representative from Buddhist community and that too, on the recommendation of King Tribhuvan .

The history of the relationship between ruling Brahmin elites and Yami is a history of more hate than love.

He had questioned the assumption that “constitutional safeguards for minorities should suffice for their protection and so the constitutions of majorities and minorities were studded with long lists of fundamental rights and safeguards to see that they were not violated by the majorities.” He passionately believed in rule of law.
He had a strong voice on democracy and constitution building. He named his new born son as Vidhan in the year 1948 while struggling for constitution building. His messages through lots of his publication are valuable for the society. He was great and the impact he made on people was long lasting. He was known as a political philosopher, social philosopher, anthropologist and spiritual leader.

Buddhism was eliminated both in India and Nepal, he played a great role in reviving this religion in both the countries. This is the main reason for his deep relationship with Rahul Sanskrityan and Dr. Ambedkar of India.

His political reconstruction agenda, social agenda and legal agendas were well received by public. He is holistic, reformative and revolutionary. 
Because of ban on education for general public in Nepal during Rana Regime 
majority of population remained illiterate and unaware of his strength.

Yami’s and other freedom fighters of communities from ethnic groups have been pushed into near irrelevance in politics. But his legacy is alive and thriving, even if the man himself is reduced to a person of e relevance. His idea of social justice and equality is a powerful weapon to unite Dalits and backward castes. He is remembered as a Buddhist scholar in Nepal and abroad.


Citizens should try to find out about his popular published books, read them and share the knowledge. They should take interest on getting clarification from political leaders on his powerful messages for the global communities. He had left behind a legacy as a powerful writer, political philosopher, philosopher of religion, social transformer and cultural philosopher. Our past political leaders rarely highlighted such important issues raised by "Yami" in public forums and expressed through his books. Current leaders also will most probably not have full answer on those issues which are even more relevant in today's world. This is the truth about the leaders of this nation on how valuable resources were abused and destroyed in the past. 
The original book was written in Newah language called "Sahdeh Ya Lisa" 
and later was translated in Nepali called " Lhasa Bolchhe" . People in the past had tried showing stage show of this book "Sandeya LIsa" , however, after receiving threatening calls the effort was diffused.
Interview : https://lahana90.blogspot.com/…/lahana-with-timila-yami.htm…

Book release ceremony on Reply from Tibet.
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