Youth should lead

In the present context, all existing parties with their old methodology of leadership, party functioning and structure and plans are not able to address the challenges of the 21st century—the demand of entering a new stage of development where the productivity of all citizens need to be unleashed to create a society with equal opportunities for all. Youth of this nation are excited about the new alternative model proposed and feel that this new proposed model will bring more sustainable delivery in the nation.

Nepal should deploy massive IT infrastructure. We have pool of IT graduates who should be engaged in national digital projects. All honest and dedicated intellectuals of the nation should be engaged unleashing their full potentials. What kind of exercises on Data Analytics are done in the context of Nepal ??Resources and data analysis capacity are primary constraints to using data more often and/or more effectively for planning and decision-making in Nepal. It is difficult for officials to “get from raw to final data” in their analyses. Vast majority of government data products are tabular reports, incorporating limited analysis and few recommendations.

NSN represents five ‘s’s : Samriddha Nepal (Prosperous Nepal), Samanupatic Nepal (Proportionate Nepal), Swadhin Nepal (Sovereign Nepal), Sushashit Nepal (well-governed Nepal) and Samunnat Samajwadi Nepal (enriched socialist Nepal).

Five " S " is holistic in approach. It is a process of reconstruction and development in various dimensions of a nation and development of individuals.

Our strategy is to select people who have citizen -centric orientation and the ones who care for national and individual development.