Building Digital Talents

Evidence informed policy-making


The creation of a talent development-focused learning ecosystem will not only help prepare existing Asia Pacific’s digital talent for the future, but also address the problem of digital skills shortage by grooming the next generation of digital talent. However, creating learning ecosystem that is both sustainable and inclusive will become an insurmountable task if not supported by comprehensive technical know-how of digital talent landscape. 

There is a gap in the understanding of need of reviewing policies for upgrading curricula and educational model of education system in Nepal.  Society and policy makers should go-to literature for those who are willing to take a leap of faith in building a learning ecosystem that can help foster digital talent. There is a need of generating report which provide data-driven findings for visionary policy makers and leaders to pursue evidence informed policy-making, which will go a long in contributing , which will go a long in contributing towards a more sustainable, inclusive recovery for Nepal as a whole. There should be government commitment to
support digital talent development in the country.

The surging demand for digital skills has become a recurring theme in the current pandemic-laden IR 4.0 era. As organisations across the country attempt to expand their digital talent pool in order to reap the full benefits of digital economy, most of them will come to realise that there isn’t enough digital talent in the region.
The COVID-19 crisis has immensely altered the digital talent landscape in the region. The pandemic’s disruptive effect has caught most countries in the region unprepared as it widens digital skills and knowledge gap drastically. Nepal government should act on this need of the day. As the world is moving closer to digital future, a concerted effort from all key stakeholders of the region is urgently needed to come up with
solutions to prevent the gap from ever-widening. One of the ways is by building a conducive learning ecosystem that focuses on digital talent cultivation.