5G Inspiring the Future: Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent Nepal

5G Inspiring the Future: Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent Nepal...Children have to be transformed...
5G will start a technology revolution by engaging and encouraging stakeholders and industry partners to adopt a fresh mindset as they define new devices, develop new applications, and make new breakthroughs in experience. From all angles, 5G is ready. It’s ready to use, it has to be made affordable, and most importantly, demand is real. Of course, there are still some barriers to 5G deployment and maximizing the value of 5G. It will bring new power to all ICT technologies, and trigger sweeping changes in business and servicers. There will be new opportunities the likes of which we’ve never seen. Front running countries in Asia are China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan. How do Nepal draw strategy for 5G deployment and maximizing the value of 5G?
Those who don't know history won't be able to improve the present and plan for future generations. Current generation will be able to describe a way that a past historical event could inform their understanding of the recent event. The Cultural Capital, Human Capital and Social Capital were high in Nepal in earlier days, however, youth should find out how such best practices spread from the land of Gautam Buddha into several other countries boosting economy and the same practices deteriorated in our own country. In West Indies countries schools children are taught about Nepal as a living museum of the world while teaching about original skills on craft and heritage of Nepal. The emperor of China handed over the daughter from the royal family to Arniko, an artist and Architect of Nepal because of the magnificent skill he possessed then. Many Nepalese people are introduced by Japanese experts to people in Japan and world  as people coming from the great nation where best management practices originated in ancient days and they quote the valuable contents written in old ancient carved stone slabs called Shilapatra known as stone documents in the Archeology department and Museums in Nepal. There is a serious need to analyze these trends in Nepal, offering a comprehensive agenda to exploit the opportunities offered by converging technologies while minimizing the risks to vulnerable populations. Researchers should study and propose the ancient Human capital system and draw strategies for building public sector capacity and promoting data and technology governance frameworks in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.
Fraud leaders lshould be kicked out so that all stakeholders can plan for intelligent Nepal.