Reliable translation system ( Google )

Good reliable translation system

Large population of Nepalese rural population are under the grip of people from specially Dharma Guru communities   who have always brainwashed them to remain under "god fearing" believe system. These poor innocent hardworking people have remained under developed from several generations and always remained under the influence of Dharma Gurus who are engagged in uncientific religious practices.  They still don't have access to good quality education. Google could help such communities by providing good reliable translation system which will help them in creating better livelyhood. We need to empower them so that they can also be an integral part of the participatory framework in the ecoomic development of the nation. The current quality of English to Nepali translation system designed by Google is very poor and hence large population are not using this system. Government of Nepal could have helped in improving this translation by providing huge wealth of data, however, I don't see such initiation so far. We need to engage communities who can contribute in improving such system so that rural communities can have access to important valuable information from world to understand in local language to improve their livelihood.

The curent Google translation system (English to Nepali and Nepali to  English) needs lot imrovement. Let us  translate following and other available materials and feed corrected version to Google translate. Let us also  encourage other communities to follow similar initiation.