Green Hydrogen Energy and Agriculture policy  

Green Hydrogen Energy initiatives

Developing Nepal's water resources into hydropower and using hydropower to develop green hydrogen driven by talents of Nepal will be very important for Nepal's economic prosperity, energy and food security as well as sustainable development.

The Nepal government's goal is to develop water resources into hydropower and use them to produce hydrogen energy, ammonia and urea fertilizers. Pre-feasibility study has been conducted on the production of chemical fertilizers from hydrogen using hydropower. An agreement has been reached between Nepal Electricity Authority and Korea's Global Green Growth Institute on the initiative of the Ministry of Energy to advance the work of  Hydrogen Energy production.

To achieve the goal of sustainable development by 2030 and a middle-income country by 2026, it is necessary to develop economy at war footing pace. The world is now making policies and developing technologies with interest and priority on hydrogen energy, determining the area of ​​consumption backed by researches, Nepal Government should work on integrated policy in Green Hydrogen Energy and Agriculture. There is an urgent need to engage consultants in this area.

Effort is required to provide inputs to the stakeholders for Introduction of Green Hydrogen in their respective areas of expertise/work to achieve the sighted goals for green sustainable future. In an era where urbanization is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, the imperative to build smart, sustainable cities has never been greater. Event handling forums should be encouraged as a beacon of innovation, bringing together experts, visionaries, and leaders from across the globe to explore the transformative potential of Green Hydrogen in shaping our urban landscapes. Events are required for not only knowledge sharing opportunities for the stakeholders, but also to exhibit their state-of-art Green Hydrogen producing capabilities.

Ministry like Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, academia, researchers and industries, NGOs, INGOs NRNs and local communities should play active role in this area.

Generative AI in financial institutions


Thousands of Nepalese wage earners have lost their deposits in the failures of savings and credit cooperatives, which have become a popular means of pooling investment funds and sharing profits. Generative AI journey has become urgent in Nepal. I am so keen on initiating awareness program to make these financial institutions organization ready. I am also keen on training employee on knowledge management for up skilling and retention. People are over reactive dial back in history Socratic. News, tv stop doing intelligent Generative AI task will be better DSS more empathetic specifically in bank and financial sectors where we are pressed with so much regulations human in the loop emphatic creative will make people more intelligent human more super power to perform their work. Generative AI personalized experience ….awareness program on more newer products that will emerge in banking and financial market. People should how Generative AI will impact employees. Most of the employees should be trained to become Data Scientists. Newer set of ideas will emerge from data sets . Any new innovations comes with challenges. These data sets will not be market ready and clean. from market at exponential rate . Investment in upskilling cross skilling how do we make models are tested transparent to end ….customers. ….stay curious ….learn everyday …keeps mind moving….early movers will face problem. They have to have partners. How do we make new emerging models are tested  and information is transparent to end customers. We all have to stay curious, learn everyday and keeps mind moving….