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I am Professor Timila Yami Thapa. I was born in the year 1951. I was educated in Indian Institute of Technology ( B. Tech. Electronic Engineering1975 batch), Kanpur, India and M.Sc. De Montfort University, Leicestershire, UK 1994 in Information Technology with specialization in Systems Engineering. I worked for three years at IIT Kanpur after graduation on a research project sponsored by Department of Electronics, Government of India. I also underwent one year of training on Systems and Communication Infrastructure at Philips, Holland sponsored by UNDP.

My service to Nepal is a unique combination of being a national-level policy planner, a pioneering educator in the area of information technology and computer engineering, an industrial administrator, an entrepreneur and a social reformer working for upliftment of women, child-education and youth employment.  I pioneered and initiated new educational programs in Nepal.  Considering the political situation and the state of education in 1979, it required significant effort and persuasion of higher administration and ministers to invest in the technological future of Nepal.  My efforts to improve technological infrastructure culminated into  first ever Computer Engineering program in the history of Nepal at Institute of Engineering under Tribhuvan University, which became the foundation of current growth in engineering and technology in Nepal.

As a national-level policy planner, I worked for one year as a Member of ICT Advisory Board under Prime-minister’s office.  As an educational policy planner, I served as a member of the Academic council and the Research Council under   University Grant Commission, Nepal.  I also worked as a governing member of the Nepal Engineering Council for three years. I also served for three years as a member of the advisory board of Rural Telecommunication Fund Board, Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). From 1996-08, I was also in charge of looking after promoting the software industry in the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) where I worked as an executive board member. I am currently also serving as a President, IETE ( Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, India), Nepal chapter ) ( ).

As an educator, I served Engineering  faculty, Institute of Engineering (IOE)  of Tribhuvan University, Nepal, since 1979 until my retirement (2015) first as a professor in Electronics and Computer Engineering Department; and later as the assistant Dean when I managed four state-owned and ten affiliated Engineering colleges. I taught Electronic Engineering courses from 1979 till 1997 and Computer Engineering courses in that department from 1998 till 2015 at IOE. I also worked in Pokhara university for four years designing course-curriculum of BE Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, BCA, BE in Information Technology. I also served as a senate member at Pokhra University.

As an industrial administrator, I worked for five years of a 1400 employee water-supply company KUKL ( Kathmandu Upatyeka Khanipani Limited)first as a board member and later as a Chairperson.

I am the owner of a Software company Designco Nepal) ( that I founded in 1991. That time well-qualified human resources in IT area were not available and opening a software company was very difficult due to the lack of resources and the domestic market.
I handled complex software projects of  Himal Cement, Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Telecom, Nepal Water Sewerage Corporations(NWSC)  and KUKL, Jyoti Group, etc.

I also initiated the creation of first IT Park in the history of Nepal.  Due to my initiative, first meeting was arranged in 1996 involving the secretary of Industry, Mr.Bhola Nath Chalise, his team  and the president of FNCCI, Mr. Padma Jyoti, to promote IT industry in Nepal. At that time, government had a little clue about the emerging scope of Information Technology.  It took me quite some time me to convince the stakeholders: ministry, industry, prospective students and their guardians. As a result of my efforts, a series of meetings were organized, and Mr. Chiranjeevi  Nepal was appointed to be in command of IT cell from the government’s side. I was a CAN executive committee member then. CAN Infotech exhibition was also organized at Bluebird Tripureswar. I took Mr. Chiranjeevi Nepal and President of CAN Mr. Vijaya Krishna Shrestha  to the International Software Industry exhibition at Hanover Germany 1997  so that the could draw out IT policy and initiate IT park. I also convinced Education ministry and concerned stakeholders to invest in opening Computer Engineering at IOE.

As a social reformer, I have been actively involved in the social work in child education and women’s empowerment by organizing many activities and participating in many organizations.
I founded DHMA ( in 2011 to promote ICT, child education, empowerment programs for minority groups,especially women, skill development of youth and services for and child education. in Nepal.I am currently the Chairperson of this non-profit organization DHMA - an organization to commemorate my parents who were among the founders of democracy in Nepal. Currently, I am also the President of Women’s Agency Research Centre, Nepal (WARN);
an executive member of Senior Citizen Society, Burankhyo, Kathmandu branch. Nepal;
an executive member of Jestha Pradyapak Samaj, Senior citizen teacher's association, Tribhuvan University, Nepal; a Member of  Jestha Jeevan Aadhar, Lalitpur, Nepal.


Executive member :

  • Executive member, Senior Citizen Society, Burankhyo, Kathmandu branch. Nepal.
  • Executive member, Jestha Pradyapak Samaj, Senior citizen teacher's association, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

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